Fatigue related conditions and Fibromyalgia 

Fatigue related conditionsand Fibromyalgia are poorly understood conditions that many people can suffer with for many years. There are a vast array of symptoms and often sufferers feel they are unheard and misunderstood. Many people feel they have tried everything and are still no better.

The list of symptoms can be endless.

Choose a Specialist – not a generalist! If you needed a plumber, would you call an electrician? No, of course not!

Practitioners who have chosen to specialise in these conditions will have studied long and hard and understand the pathway of the breakdown of your health and can explain it to you. They also know their particular speciality may be only part of the answer. They will work within a team to ensure you get the specific treatment for each area that needs to be addressed.

Nutritional  Therapy and Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

How can Nutritional Therapy help?

I have undertaken specialist training to enable me to work with clients with Fatigue related conditions and Fibromyalgia.

A nutritional therapist works with chronic exhaustive conditions by establishing the underlying multi-faceted nutritional, biochemical, immunological, toxic, and hormonal and lifestyle mechanisms that cause the symptoms and signs.

A nutritional therapist understands the nutrients and co factors essential for energy production at a cellular level; toxic overload from processed foods and environmental toxins; blood sugar and energy levels; digestive issues; endocrine and hormonal influences and lifestyle choices.

Nutrition must be optimal to provide the most favourable conditions for energy production and allow your body the best chance of healing. Diagnostic testing removes the guesswork and quality supplements may be prescribed when indicated to resolve nutritional deficiencies and promote healing.

My extensive clinical experience will be used to interpret lab reports/blood test results and determine the following:

Which of the Six Phases of Recovery are you in?

Are you suffering adrenal insufficency?

Are your methylation pathways compromised?

Is your thyroid working optimally? And how accurate are normal blood tests?

Do you need to eliminate Candida, bacterial overgrowth or a hidden parasitic infection?

Are you suffering Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?

Is your immune system compromised or oversensitive?

Are you battling food intolerances, or deficient in vitamins or minerals?

Do your Mitochondria need support?

Are your blood sugar levels out of balance?

How you can achieve quality sleep.

Are Heavy Metals or Environmental toxins a problem? How and when to detoxify your system safel

As fatigue conditions and fibromyalgia are multi faceted in their presentation, I work as a team with other therapists and practitioners to provide a holistic approach to wellness. As well as nutritional health, people with ME, CFS and fibromyalgia may also need support with integrating gentle exercise, relaxation and stress management, gentle energy therapies, dealing with past trauma, gentle massage, environmental and lifestyle concerns to name but a few.   This is why it is important not to work in isolation and have a multi faceted approach to wellness.



I have undertaken further specialist training with The Chrysalis Effect and works closely with them as one of their specialist practitioners.

The Chrysalis Effect is a 9 month online programme , created by people who have got their life back from the conditions. It is a multimedia programme offering videos, webinars, coaching, expert interviews, forums and inspirational stories to support you throughout your stages to recovery.

My clients also work with The Chrysalis Effect On-line Recovery Programme. This is an essential part of a return to wellness.  For more information, and a FREE 30 Day Trial

Visit http://www.thechrysaliseffect.com/partner/pamelaj/30d

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Your first steps

Once you have completed the Health Appraisal form I will assess which Phase of Recovery you are in and which of the 8 Elements of Recovery will be a priority.

You book online for your free 30 minute telephone consultation at a convenient time for you. This will be your time to tell me your story and to ask any questions you have and discuss the options available. I’ll be able to ask you some questions and we can decide whether we are right to work together.

As these conditions are complex I prefer to work with you over a period of time so that you don’t waste your money going from practitioner to practitioner. So, with your permision, during your free telephone consultation, I will discuss packages of care with you. This will enable you to book in appointments regularly for a period of time (securing your favourite slots), map your Recovery fully and take advantage of the special package prices together with additional bonuses not available for those booking single appointments.

Packages of care are individualised and tailored to your needs so once I have an overview of your background, current circumstances and what level of support is needed, I will be able to talk to you about how the packages of care are constructed and priced.

Following the 30 minute free telephone consultation, the next state would be to book an Introductory Consultation.

As a guide, the introductory consultation will cover the following:

  • Identifying what has caused your health to crash
  • Identifying which of the 6 Phases of Recovery you are in
  • Using the 8 Elements of Freedom Wheel to show which areas of your life need to be addressed, and in what priority
  • See how home temperature testing can identify potential thyroid problems
  • Discuss the 7 important things to avoid with ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia
  • Discuss outlines for future treatment and the different Packages of Care available
  • One free month of The Chrysalis Effect on-line recovery programme
  • Identifying which package of care will most benefit you