Packages of Care

Due to the complex nature of working with fatigue related conditions and fibromyalgia, I only work within a package of care system.  This is likely to be quite different from other practitioners you may have seen and I find it to be enormously beneficial for clients for a number of reasons.

  1. It creates a relationship where we are both really committed to your return to wellness and are both investing a lot of time in this. I allocate a lot of time into my schedule to focus on your case, researching and learning as much as I can about you, your specific health issues and you are actively taking control of your health.
  2. We have very regular contact via email, skype and telephone, we are able to address issues as they arise and I am able to adjust your plan and tailor it to your specific needs. I do not use a generic plan for clients, each one is vastly different.  I can use wellbeing coaching to keep you motivated, supported and we can deal with any issues you may be having with remaining on plan.  You may run out of steam, fall off the wagon or have to cancel an appointment and it is better to climb back on rather than give up altogether. 
  3. You did not acquire your chronic health problem overnight and it certainly will not vanish overnight. We need time to unravel your complex condition and to get to the root cause.  We need to deal with the root cause to help you to become well again.
  4. I will be in your corner with you, cheering you on, propping you up and moving you forward. I want to invest way more time in you than perhaps other practitioners and healthcare providers have done so far.

The Packages of Care:

The initial 90 minute appointment is an £85 investment in your health.

The ongoing package of care specifically for your needs will be established at your 90 minute initial appointment. 

This can be a mix of Nutritional Therapy Support, review of test results, wellbeing coaching to enable you to reach your health goals and 15 minute check in appointments.  Some people may only need a couple of follow up appointments and some, particularly those with complex health histories, may need a lot more ongoing monitoring and modifications to their plans.

Payment options can be agreed to suit your budget

Built into all packages is extensive time researching and working on your case behind the scenes.  After you send me your initial questionnaire, I interpret it to give me an indication of the body systems most under stress.  This allows me to have a specific focus when you come for your appointment, it allows me to really investigate your health concerns and research the most recent medical literature and intervention options.