Once the completed HEALTH APPRAISAL  form is returned, you can make an appoinment your free 30 minute Skype or telephone consultation at a mutually convenient time.  I will answer any questions you have and outline the treatment options offered by Pam Joy Nutrition for Health.

 If interested in moving ahead, the next step is to book an initial consultation.  Once this is booked, please complete the INTAKE FORM at least 3 working days before your appointment.

 The initial consultation is £85 which includes a thorough analysis of your health plus correspondence (if required) with your GP to order baseline blood tests.  The blood tests will be interpreted  naturopathically – aiming for optimal levels, not just the absence of disease.  If private lab tests have been undertaken previously, this information will also form part of the overview.

 Moving forward, Pam works within a care package system.  After the initial consultation, Pam will have a clearer idea of how many further appointments are needed and will discuss the various options.  The care packages vary in price but it is always cost beneficial for clients to work within this system.

Initial consultation is  usually of 60 to 90 minutes duration, follow ups are usually 45 minutes to one hour.

Pam  is able to offer health coaching and shorter email check in appointments as part of the care packages.

 For UK and European  clients, appointments are via Skype or telephone.   Local face to face appointments are available with prior arrangement.


Online Booking:

The online booking system  makes it easier for you to view availability and book at a time convenient to you. there are 4 booking options:

  • Free 30 minute Skype or telephone appointment.  This is for potential new clients who have completed and returned the Health appraisal form (on this website) and enables them to learn how Nutritional Therapy can help them.
  • Initial consultation, a 60 – 90 minute appointment to be booked after the free 30 minute appointment.  When booking, please leave your address and date of birth.
  • Follow up consultation of 45 minutes for second and subsequent appointments
  • weekly 15 minute check in appointment by prior arrangement only


Please Note:
Pam Joy, Nutrition for Health is committed to providing all clients with exceptional care. When a client cancels without giving enough notice, they may prevent another from being seen in their place. To ensure that the sessions run smoothly, I will send you an appointment reminder by email 48 hours before our meeting. If your are unable to attend, you need to contact me before 3.00 pm the day before our appointment, (if your appointment is on a Monday, the contact needs to be made by 3.00 pm on Friday). If prior notification is not given, you will be charged a fee of £25 to cover time and administration costs. This fee will be waived in cases of genuine emergencies only.